In a post-COVID world, artists have many questions:

Artists of all types can feel like their art isn’t valuable when compared to “more important” people like scientists and doctors. But do the arts actually have a place in our complex world? And even if they do, can YOUR art make a difference?

When you look in the mirror, what do you see? Do you see someone who has a sense of peace about their life? Or does your image reflected in the mirror show a face full of worry about the future—a face filled with anxiety and fear of failure?

What is your automatic, knee-jerk response to failure? Do you blame yourself for not being perfect? Do you try to deny what happened and hope nobody sees? Does a setback affect how you see yourself for the rest of the day (or even the rest of the week or month)?

Who are you? Before we can discover what we were made to do, we need to know our identity—who we really are. What are your dreams? What are your honest strengths and weaknesses?

Questions can go even deeper:

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Meet Dick Ryan

Author and Founder of Artist Set Free

G. Richard Ryan (Dick to his friends) worked professionally for more than 30 years as an orchestral conductor and a music theatre producer/artistic director.

PC: Dollar Gill on Unsplash