We are currently in the midst of the 2020 pandemic and economic collapse, which has caused the lives of most artists to be shaken to the core – even turned upside down. Thousands are suddenly not able to do their art. Within a brief few days in March, most of the arts activities that we all assumed were stable were closed down, even though they were successful for years. We are experiencing the potential death of our dreams. The January 2020 artistic world we lived in has disappeared and no one really knows what the future artistic world will look like. How do we continue to be real artists in unexpected transition times like this?

Artist Set Free is a place for exploring the practical, spiritual steps we can take to be quality artists who, at the same time, can lead personally fruitful and meaningful lives.

It’s a place for recognizing the value of the arts, and the importance of us artists that create it. While I do my best to follow Jesus (I’m not perfect at it), it’s a place for artists of all faiths and backgrounds.

It’s a place for exploring our unique identity, and what to do with the talents that we are so passionate about. Some say that this is our calling – how do our arts benefit the culture and society that we are a part of?

Most importantly, Artist Set Free is a place for discovering the deep transformation that happens in the lives of artists who not only survive, but thrive. Fear of failure and fear of the uncertain future can be changed to real stability and confidence. When this transformation happens, we will be free to be truly creative and to truly live fully: the universal dream of artists.

-Dick Ryan, founder

Meet the ArtSF Team:

Dick RyanFounder and author

Aubrey LeamanMarketing manager and author

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What People Say

“My transition to a larger, more competitive music school was difficult, but Dick’s simple stories and analogies helped me see the bigger life-picture: God loves and appreciates artists and has a specific plan for all of our gifts.”

Natalie Gregg – Flutist

“If it weren’t for the pyramid talk, I don’t know how I would have made it through theater school let alone working in Hollywood as an actress. I went from constantly beating myself up and thinking I wasn’t enough, to truly finding freedom in my art and my work. I am eternally grateful.”

Johanna Middleton – Actress

“Dick’s ministry to me as a mentor and friend over the years has deeply impacted my understanding of what genuine love and hospitality look like. His vision for artists and the arts world is loving and hopeful to the brim. I can see Dick smiling from his living room – and from his heart – as he shares these stories.”

Eugenia Jeong – Collaborative Pianist

Your gifts are not an accident.

Photo credits: Fotoz on Unsplash; Marcos Paulo Prado on Unsplash; Edouard TAMBA on Unsplash; Barry Weatherall on Unsplash; Taylor on Unsplash; Forestt Strong LaFave Photography